The experimental film "Existentialism" is part of a wider project called "The action of disAppearance". Film was made in the period from 9 May to 9 June in Uzice, Belgrade and Zlatibor.

This work follows the relationship between everyday life and performative practice of the artist, creating a space for thinking about that connection and the outcome of the parallel development of these seemingly autonomous phenomena.

The merging point is manifested in the title of work, which is the result of the belief that art is a philosophical discipline, by which, each artistic expression can be clearly placed in the context of a certain philosophical movement. The work than can be read through the prism of existentialism in philosophy, as one of the ways of practical manifestation of this school of thought.

This is a movie that is not a movie, but it is a movie.

Just like in earlier works, the tendency towards deconstruction already standardized expectations of what art should be, how it should look and be presented, continues.

In the age of digital nomads, a new concept of life has been established that provokes the search for new methods of artistic expression. Residents of the "global village" on daily bases are creating new content that they will share with others, with the tendency to get a confirmation of their value and status in society.

Everything is fascinating in the world where average citizen of the planet can completely for free choose to become the opposite, exceptional cyber resident of the hyperrealistic world. Like is ten years old, and today's Bob Dylan is some kind of vlogger who is streaming from the other part of the world magic of the vegan cuisine. 

Parallels between movie and vlog are not accidental. Both are based on introspection, both forms are following everyday life. However, this work leaves a huge space for identification. Despite playing on voyeur mentality of the contemporary human, it offers completely abstract scenario, creating practically three films: the one we watch, the other that takes place in the author and the third one in us. On the questions of who is the author and what we are looking at - we answer ourselves.

Boring life and meaningless performance may hide a deeper message, because if it does not exist, then Instagram post from Starbucks is more exciting than this work.

Ultimately, this work may not be aimless, but maybe its only goal is to be exactly that.

"Existence precedes essence".

final performance