A half-hour experimental film created in the Netherlands in 40 days of February and March 2018.

Statistics: 40 days, 7 cities, 5 apartments, 3 houses, 10 people, 2 cats and 1 dog.

Staying in the Netherlands was exclusively within the frameworks of Couch Surfing, alternative travel application. It is precisely because of the nature of this system that the road becomes unpredictable and so little depends on you. This loss of control is not necessarily the loss of boundaries, responsibilities and morals. All that can happen when the door of someone's home opens for you is a product of mutual trust and what both sides are satisfied with. On average, every third day you are in the new bed of a new city, so your journey is not where you want, but where you are wanted to be. From luxurious houses to social housing, from French beds, through the shared ones, to sleeping on the mattress on the floor of an unfinished bedroom, getting to know the most diverse people, by age, professional or ethnic category, you are in a boundless field of openness and constant adaptation to a new new.

As the whole trip wasn’t planned, except when and how to come from Serbia to the Netherlands, film also does not have a scenario and is conditioned as much as the author by the development of events. Practically one application is in charge of everything, from complete content of film to artistic expression, which again comes in direct contact with loss of control. Creating a documentary film that is not that, based on a travelogue that is not that, performing performative actions that do not have an action in it, we are coming to the unreasonable informal expression present in the film. In all this, however, there is a lot of the Netherlands, not the one we have learned about, but private one, behind the curtains with windmills, wooden piles, bicycles and tulips pattern.

The key link in the movie is the performance that, without knowing of my hosts, I perform in their own personal spaces when they are at work, sleeping or taking a shower, trying to show the state of mind in which I am at the moment. So this film can be think of as a travelogue, but not physical as much as mental and emotional.